Claim a Prize

Congratulations, you've won! Below is all the information you'll need to know, but first sign the front of your ticket.

Most retailers can pay prizes up to $200 and at their discretion pay prizes between $200 and $999.99.

For all other inquiries, call BCLC Customer Support at 1-866-815-0222.

More information

  • Please bring two pieces of government-issued Identification when making your claim; one must include a photo such as a driver's license, BC Identification card, or Passport.
  • Prizes are only paid to the rightful ticket holder or group trustee.
  • Group claims $10,000 and greater require a Group Release Form.
  • Tickets purchased in lottery jurisdictions outside BC must be claimed from the address on the back of the ticket.
  • Prizes must be claimed prior to their expiry.
  • Prizes expire one year from the date on the ticket or as announced by BCLC.
  • Scratch & Win expiry dates are provided on the back of the ticket.
  • Keno prizes greater than $1,000 may be claimed no sooner than the day after the draw.
  • Pull Tab prizes must be claimed at place of purchase on same date as purchase.
  • You must claim cash prizes, bonus prizes, and merchandise prizes in person from our BCLC Corporate Offices, or by sending the ticket to BCLC's Kamloops office. All risks of sending tickets to BCLC remain with the player.
  • Pacific Hold'Em Poker prizes must be claimed at retail locations where the game is sold. Prizes can also be claimed at our Lotto! Signature Store, designated regional prize payout locations or either of our BCLC Corporate Offices.
  • Prize claims for Retailers/BCLC Employees $10,000 and over may not be processed the same day.
  • If you are a lottery retailer, you may claim prizes under $3,000 at a designated regional prize payout location and retailer claims of any amount can be claimed at either of our BCLC Corporate Offices.
  • Claiming at a designated regional prize payout location is not available to individuals who are currently Self-Excluded or Banned from Casinos or Community Gaming Centres in BC.